Is Taylor Swift really pregnant ? & Superdrug haul

So I know people say never believe what the media say or what you read in a magazine , but when they said Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were dating and Harry even denied it not once but three times , I didn't believe it and It turns out they actually were dating and so now the papers are reporting that Taylor is pregnant and that's why Harry is sticking around. I don't know whether to believe it or not. I think it would be tragic if it was true. Taylor is really starting to hit a high point in her career with her no.1 track's 'we are never getting back together' and 'trouble' ATM and Harry is really doing well in America , one d are becoming bigger than the Beatles so some say . So as much as it would be lovely for a gorgeous new baby to come into the world with such talented parents I think the timing is really awful and they are also very young . Harry is 18 and Taylor only 23 . Don't get me wrong if their happy together and they are ready for this then good but anyways this could just be a whole load of babble for nothing Taylor swift might not even be pregnant.

Anyways here's my Superdrug haul ,
I bought the soap & glory 'peaches and clean' and I love it I'm addicted to the smell it's gorgeous , I don't know about you but I love the smell of peaches . But the product is really a good but it was reduced from €9.89 to €6.30 so I got it on sale yay ! It reduces the appearance of spots and dry skin and make your face smell amazing ! Today I took a trip to LUSH soap shop , the one on dublin's Henry's street is like a mini rave shop , when you go in all the employees are dancing around , music blaring and they are so friendly and helpful ! I sadly did not have enough money for anything , but will do soon yay !
Also I bought the impulse body spray and I've never seen this flavour ? Flavour .... Is that the word to use ?? . It's pear and jasmine and it smells amazing I've sprayed it all over my room and drown myself in it hourly .... And also it was only €2.36 so I bought two 'cause I loved it so much !!
Another thing I bought was the Superdrug's own brand Vaseline because it was only €1.29 , but I wouldn't recommend it , it's not the best but it does the job sort of ... I really just liked the tin .

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