One direction fans hurl death threats at zayn malik's alleged one nightstand and H&M Aztec skirt

One directions fans have united together not in a good way , but to throw death threats left, right and centre at zayn malik's supposed one night stand.

Cocktail waitress courtney Webb claimed she had slept with zayn and hadn't know he had A girlfriend , it's hard to believe , one of the Most famous boy band members in the world at the moment walks into where you work and you don't know him or know he had a girlfriend and not any girlfriend but Perrie Edwards from girl band LittleMix ! It I suppose one may not be a due hard 1D fan unlike these directioners who wrote death threats about this girl. They took to twitter and wrote the following :
'' Courtney Webb.... We will find you and kill you , sincerely Directioners ''

'' you are a freakin idiot if you believe zayn cheated on Perrie. I will personally haunt you in your sleep and maybe kill you ''

Wow , we'll that escalated quickly.

I absolutely love this skirt so much ; I love this pattern it's really in right now and the colours really stand out with a few illuminous colours in there . I love the zip in the front aswell. I just think its so cute. I would personally pair it with black plain crop top from topshop, a chunky gold chain , tight's , and black or grey Nike blazer's. I think this outfit is really cool and hipster. Though you could glam it up , just take away the tight's add a pair of pink platform heel's , a leather jacket and a clutch and your already for a great night out.