asos package delivery ! Chunky Gold chain

I’m so excited I have been longing for a chunky gold chain / necklace for ages and ages now! And when I finally had some spare money or some money left over I purchased this one on asos. This may be shocking to some but this is my first time to order of the internet, and it was really exciting you could say I’m hooked now! I will defiantly be ordering off of website’s a lot more now ,I already have like a stack of clothes picked out from Missguided's website to order really soon and I cant wait ! I ordered this necklace because it’s exactly what I wanted but I did want plain gold, this one is pink gold so it has a slight hue of pink. I was really excited when I came home from work and I seen the asos package on my mum’s kitchen counter , I was like a child on Christmas morning … oh wait im still like that hah and I was really pleased to see it was exactly what I wanted. I think asos was perfect and a really reliable website for my first time buy online.


Here's the link for the necklace except this one is on the marketplace:  rose gold chunky chain necklace €24.50 (£21.50)

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Jake Schwartz said...

It looks beautiful! I’d love to see you wearing it. It looks so nice that you could pretty much match it with any outfit. I hope its rose gold sleekness don’t fade easily. Cheers for a great find!

Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!