Today was a really tiring day taking these photos, I did three shoots with three different outfits and this is one of them. A great photographer took my pictures today, well a 16 year old girl with a digital camera follow her on twitter @heyimizzyy she was great helping me today and we both freezed are arses off ! She could hardly press the shutter on the camera we were that cold. We had a nice owl chat about faith whether god was real, heaven or hell exist and if what they say in the bible is fact are bullshit. Its hard to say though no one really knows I think science has the hard facts and you can see them and some people believe ‘seeing is believing’ where as I’m a firm believer that you should have faith and you don’t always have to see something for it to be real. You have never actually seen yourself you looking at yourself , you have only seen reflections of yourself but you still believe your real , well you don’t believe you ‘know’ your real but we could all just be made up of our imaginations , as they say the mind is very strong. So that’s my view on it , I think I like to have a belief that’s there is someone watching over us all and that there is a heaven at the end of the road. We talked about all this over a gorgeous lunch , I had sushi and a cinnamon swirl and Iseabail opted for the ploughman sandwich and muffin , I could only describe this lunch as massive absolutely massive.

Anyways this outfit is grunge, just plain and simple grunge. It’s the return of the superhero’s here this top I got on sale in a boutique in Dublin and cut it up to be a crop top. I paired this crop top with simple denim high- waisted turnover shorts and tied a shirt over this. I love these shoes there so grunge/hipster they really add to this outfit and I love been addicted to them. The accessories in this outfit make it, the beanie, the chains, the cross, and the circular glasses.

checkered shirt- charity shop
batgirl top- boutique
 cross necklace-forever 21

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