knee high grey socks


I am currently sitting on my couch eating a flake dunking it into a hot cup of tea as it melts..... No stop I hope I haven’t ruined anyone’s diet ahaha. I think you know you’re a glamour puss (mess) when you dribble melted chocolate down your face: /

Anyways onto real glamorous business this outfit is really me a bit of glamour mixed with a bit of grunge. These socks literally fell down in front of me a hit me across the head while i was in Penney’s (Primark) in town, I swear they did ... well my friend was behind me and decided to throw a random thing she found at my head when i was walking and thought she was the business until I picked them up and seen what they were. Both of us had been longing for knee high socks for all of one week ahaha and the fact that they were reduced to one euro and the last ones left!! made it even better. In the end she finds a pair and purchased them herself.

I got this skirt in Topshop but I can’t find it online anymore but you can get it in the asos marketplace. Whenever I wear this skirt I can’t help but swing around in it, I feel like the ballet teacher in Billy Elliot! and its really comfy and I love the velvet look.

I got this corset bralet in Topshop, it’s sold out in Topshop but it's on eBay. I absolutely love it I think it’s gorgeous! and Demi Lovato was seen wearing it on good morning America.

This shirt is from H&M I got it like a year ago and I love it. It never creases!! It’s so amazing and I love the lace shoulder detail

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