Tartan scarf

Today I had a really relaxed and chilled day , one of those days where you stuff your face because it’s the ‘last day’ before you go on a ‘diet’ you know , ever have one of those days? bahah all I actually did all day was eat , bring dog on walk , babysit, eat , eat again , and blog like what even is life !?!?
I honestly do not know how to use blogger and don’t know how you actually get people to look at your blog and its really quite sad I'm looking at all these other fashion blog pages and they are all at London fashion week and you actually do not understand how much I want to be there I don’t even know how to get there I'm all the way over in Dublin! I really think Ireland needs to modernise and start to realise not everyone is going to grow up and get a typical ‘normal’ job , like butcher, builder , nurse , doctor , teacher… NO. That is not what I want and I think that they really need to develop and come up to speed with modern day thinking and what people want. If they are trying to solve this recession and stop people emigrating , why can they not just actually listen to what the young people of this country want; instead of talking about ‘oh we should listen to the younger generation’ just get on with it and actually listen to us. I don’t want to have to decide my career Option when I'm only 16 because of cut backs I don’t want to decide my career ever that’s way too much stress , I know what I love and what I would love to do but there isn’t even a course for what I want to do in Ireland and if there is a course it is in a school hat has no reputation or an incredibly bad one, why cant Ireland have a prestigious fashion school , the only courses that these collages do is design why can they not have more courses like fashion communication, fashion journalism etc and if I wanted to go to college in LondonI cannot afford it , no way ! Its £9,000 pound a year I would I have to probably sleep rough because if you think about that I don’t know anyone in London and I would have to get a flat or share with people and try to get money to pay for that as well and then your book's also and FOOD! Like I just feel like I'm trapped in little old backwards Irelandfor the rest of life studying to be a Teacher just like the government expectsoh my goodness rant over ! but yeah I don’t know how to get followers , if anyone could help me it would really really be appreciated !
This outfit is quite laidback to most of my other outfits on this blog this outfit is revolving around this scarf. I love the tartan trend that is coming in and I am going to order a tartan skirt that I seen on misguided, it is fabulous. For some reason my pictures are not good quality at all, this is the first time I did my photos outside and I was so nervous incase someone opened there back door and was like ‘why are you taking a picture of yourself’ I don’t know how you bloggers do it and some of you take the picture right on the middle of your road I would be so embarrassed! But pictures look much more professional when you do them outside.

what im wearing :
tartan scarf penneys (primark)
green jumper- H&M
lace skirt* present
doc martins


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