" We are the people your parents warned you about"


Well this is one of the next photos from Saturday with my cousin follow her on twitter , this is the second outfit of choice and I’m trying to mix up the surroundings of my blog as you can see in my last post we took the pictures beside a graffiti wall to compliment the outfit choices and I’m trying to add some individuality in relation to the scenery in my blog posts, trying to mix it up or as one my say "jazz it up” so we decided on the graffiti walls outside the famous Irish entrepreneur Harry Crosby and where U2 performed one of there first gigs and signed the walls here and I was so shattered and teeth trembling , knee buckling ,tear drawing (well sort of) cold that I forgot to take a picture of the u2 signings on the wall, I know right? How stupid am I? Anyways I forgive my self....

shoes - sold out (lookalikes)- get them quick there on sale !
shorts- reworked vintage - was vintage playsuit reworked into shorts
top - H&M basics
powder blue beanie- H&M