Denim Love ~ His Story Is A Lie

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I picked up these denim shorts on my many visits to local charity shops and i always find amazing clothes in Gorta it defiantly is my fav charity shop and everything is really good quality. These jeans were €3!! I know crazy and they are Ralph Lauren and still had the tags on. I paired these jeans with my sorta platform criss-cross toe wedges and Topshop long sleeve black crop top to give this look a sort of 80's look. I just can't get over how good the weather has been in Ireland, I went away on Saturday and came back yesterday from Petersburg adventure centre in Galway Ireland, it may be the best experience of my life, I went kayaking i capsized the boat with one of my friends in the other end it was hilarious as she had willies’ on and couldn’t swim! hahah and then I assailed upside down it was an amazing feeling yet so scary! I went underground in a cave and had to crawl around and i came face to face with a BAT yes a BAT!! I had to build rafts also and my raft just fell apart. It really was the best experience of my life me and 14 other girls shared a room and there were no fights! We just had an amazing time, I would really recommend going!! I missed posting and my blog aww :(

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