Gothic Needs

 photo 04a84c35-156b-4667-9f58-e60168d9fe6b_zps1f06a24f.jpg
This outfit is just so amazing; I need and want everything here. I have ordered these boots from Topshops website they are the 'ADONIS2' cut out boots and cut out boots being so huge I needed to grab myself a pair, yet they still have not graced my feet; 'Why?' you ask well the sad thing is they haven't arrived yet and the latest they should arrive is Tuesday the 09th of April but I was so hoping they would come before the weekend because I’m back at school Monday :( I love the length of this galaxy top perfect to wear with tights and these tights are so fantabulously gorgeous they are from and are so cute with the little smiles on the knee and to finish the look off with a classy Topshop Knitted monochrome jacket and a bowler hat. This outfit is a Gothic Goddesses’ need.

cut out Boots