Leopard Bralet ~ You're Killing My Spirit Softly

 photo 84df0bb4-b27a-4ab4-b67f-9cfa4b3438f4_zpsee9ceaff.jpg
I love this bralet  and when the sun was shining I decided to whip out my navy maxi skirt and my Topshop leopard corset/bralet  and added my leather jacket to keep the chill out. At the moment I am really loving holding my bag on my arm in a very snobbish posh girl way! I don’t know I just really like it. I added my rounded sunnies to add the retro look and wore my hair in a simple ballet bun. I have worn my Doc's in this snap and my fetish is starting with them again. I’m more a black matte Doc type person , really I think the other shiny and colourful Doc's look very tacky and cheap. Hopefully the sunny weather prevails so I can keep posting!

 photo 3c287c3b-f4f9-4625-8425-5aa866927f2e_zps00bd328e.jpg

maxi skirt - thrifted
Doc Martins- primark


Fashionobsession-mieni said...

Wow! Cool pictures and cool outfit! I love everything you wear but especially the maxi skirt and the corsage!!

Hope you visit me on my blog

kayley Frances said...

Thank you , I will defianitly visit your blog ! :)