Snuggy Day ~ Living On In Secret

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I love this look so much it is so classy and chic everything here is on my wish list! I defiantly need to purchase a thigh length knit white jumper they are perfect with jeans, and these Mickey Mouse light blue denim jeans are so cute and with the cut out boots and add a black bag you can hold on your arm. The beanie just gives this look a edge. I love these cut out boots with the pointed toes and gold tip they are gorgeous and reminds me of Eleanor Calders style very stylish and very classy. This bag is very expensive and is Jill sander and I love it so much it is € 1645 so I think I will be looking for a cheap alternative,  but this is beautiful.


Christina Dawes said...

Love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

kayley Frances said...

Thank you so much , i will defiantly follow back !