Outfit of the week ~ week one Grafton Academy

So this is my first 'Outfit of the week post' and I've started my fashion design course in the Grafton academy of dressmaking and currently am in my second week , there will be the next 'Outfit of the week post at the start of next week so Keep eye out!
I have completed a full week now and three days and ...... I love it!! Everybody so nice and I really really love making the clothes. Ive never in my life made a piece of clothing unless it was making a dress for one of your barbie dolls with the half shaved head and sticky body out of one of your mothers lovely dresses without her knowing when you were five or maybe my torturous hand sowing for my junior cert that almost killed me and looked like a massive blob on a sheet of felt ? Well then I can defiantly say this is the first thing I have made . I must say I'm really proud.

I've moved on now and I'm making loose tapered trousers very much like the ones in the picture above , I love these trousers that are in shops now they are so comfortable and they flatter my figure better than harem pants or Capri ,I'd say they're sort of in between both of those different pieces. I'm hoping to either make a jacket or possibly a jumpsuit next but we will see...
Love Kk
Keep posted x

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