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Hello All!

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I have finished my second week in the grafton academy and i have two weeks off to just chill out and relax and then I will be back in! And relax is what I did. Yesterday I got my nose done , how exciting ! I love it and I dont have my nice ring in yet , I'm planning to get a really light not very noticable gold ring so I'm going ring shopping tomorrow woohoo! And there will be a blog post up really soon so keep posted!
I promised you all a second "week in outfits" and I had it all layed out the clothes ready to snap but i just think this dress deserves a blog post of its own , but fear not ! A "week in outfits" will be online soon.
This dress is my very favourite item in my wardrom ATM! I am in love with it , and the best thing about it ..... its from dun dun dunnnnn Penneys ! or Primark for all you english readers i <3 you.
Yes Penneys , and all for the value price of €18 I was so pleased with this buy and I felt confident in it which really is the main thing I look for in clothing. But I warn you try this dress on its big made , I definitely didn't get my normal size ; although we all now penneys have a very different way of making sizes and i got this dress in a size 8 hence adding to my confidence haha.

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Heather said...

Great outfit, love the dress :)