Shine ~ The power of imagination makes us infinite.

We've had a mini (when I say mini I mean really tiny and never really happened because it was over so quick type of mini) heat wave in Ireland and I’m so upset that its gone now it lasted all of two day's, yes two ! And now were back to the miserable grey clouds of everyday life. It's amazing how much the weather can effect you mood, I’ve seriously been great when the sun was shining on my freshly faked baked legs walking around Dublin city centre with my sunnies on and eating not any ice cream but treating my self to the likes of Gino's Gelato; still even though the sun is not present and I’m peering up at grey dull dreary clouds I still have my very new sunnies on ,only Topshops best ! I'm currently writing this to the noise of rain splattering my glowing flowery fairy light covered window and trying coax the sun with my eyes that I can see peeking through the clouds above me to come out and SHINE!

I love these levis revamped shorts , they are my basic must haves in a wardrobe filled with skirts and dresses and very little denim insight, though i am really trying to get into the denim trend and am currently shopping around for a denim ensemble to complete my closet. Styled with my striped tee and cosy oversized brown knit cardigan and my Topshop Adonis buckle boots. This outfit was just comfortable, dressed down but still classy and cute and styled with my round sunnies just adds that hippy vibbbbeee which I think I love!
 photo caf53187-ed68-4f06-b79f-e999c4ca4b90_zpsba4d7bf9.jpg  photo 1674a990-cbec-43fd-8ad9-08ff12cd2278_zps88b563fe.jpg
 photo 374c86cf-db2b-4be1-8bd0-f0e46ffbd24a_zps3ddb796e.jpg  photo 0f5c8f34-6501-4933-b35e-601e3bdd147b_zps6d483c7f.jpg
 photo 4cc8fa05-4315-4899-9b17-37c577dbca43_zps7d2d4a3d.jpg
 photo 4019e8bc-feea-40c6-95cb-2ae97d243523_zps6781207b.jpg  photo aece86e3-6752-45df-9c39-86ec42f7faf4_zps68ef87fa.jpg

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