Tá an ghrian ag taitneamh

Hello everyone,
If anyone is wondering what my title means , it's the sun is shining
 in the  Irish language ,Gaelic.

So I’ve started back in the Grafton academy yesterday and am
currently working on two creations a trouser and top combo and a sheer loose crop top. I’m happy to be back but also sad,in Ireland at the moment the weather is so beautiful we are having a heat wave and the temperature is up to 30 degrees, its exciting really its like living in a tropical country and I don't get to see much of it inside the college but I feel it I’ve been sweating my butt off inside there!! It’s so warm , I’m not complaining though don't get me wrong .

So today as usual my school tried to ruin our summer holidays with
there letters and today I received one of those letters inside it contained a blue ,green ,pink and yellow sheet,but it was the yellow piece of paper that made me sigh and my stomach to be pulled in both directions, I am a worrier and the worry for my much anticipated leaving certificate is stressing me out, I am rambling off now the yellow paper held my booklist for my leaving cert cycle and the dates of my arrival back to school..... Oh how depressing. With the bold text and underlined sentences of how we must wear our hair and how much we should be aware of the rules of no nail varnish because we all know if we paint our nails we are destined to be fails in life and under no circumstances can we even attend school if we have any body piercings other than a pair of prim and proper pearly whites in our lovely shiny ears that only hear nothing but sweet and kind things because weare ladies (insert sigh face). Well I can tell you now I have my booklist for September - ear cuffs, big earrings, blue hair dye, facial piercings- check check check ! Woo bring on September arghhhh!

So back to fashion this outfit was in my head for a while now and I really
like the shirt paired with this hairband it sort of has a hippy type edge, this shirt is quite short at the back so I would wear a bandage skirt under or a pair of black shorts. Paired with my Topshoparable trusty go to’s for almost every outfit ... I really do need to update my shoe wardrobe
top picture:
dress - h&m
 hat h&M 

below :
Shirt ~ thrifted

Bandana ~ river island

Bag~ h&m
 photo 226a6086-2131-49c5-9617-d73aad2ebc5c_zps020fea11.jpg photo e80a63fa-e010-46b8-87ad-0228413f5d72_zps5200d79a.jpg
 photo d72f65e8-0b8b-4e95-8902-324bf769b792_zps33c7eb5e.jpg
 photo 5843256d-4815-4a0f-8532-fcd2f69955e9_zps5f75e23c.jpg
 photo 8e0c3f8d-d1b4-401a-9262-b4fa956f0c9c_zps47129795.jpg
 photo 4b0d7eb8-66fd-4262-a8cc-4176bad30566_zps67f84a69.jpg
 photo d37b8c6d-1ce7-4b97-998f-ac6f164cc8fd_zpsa8067ac3.jpg
 photo c02838e6-3a46-4623-90d8-981d848f33d3_zpsb4dfc37a.jpg

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