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The lovely Grace from A Bit Graceful blog  tagged me in ' My First Time Tag' so for every one out there with a bit of a dirty mind this is not what you think this post is about all my  first experiences in life from first friends to first job
The Rules:
•   You must share the following firsts and give the story or the context behind them. 
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First Best Friend - 

~ my first best friend was , actually I had three ! popular child I was
             haha oh how times have changed ... I believe they were Georgia who I was
 close with for a long time and then there was Emma I used to have such a laugh with her as we dressed up as mini women raiding her mothers wardrobe as we pouted are lips for the other to apply some lippy ; only red would do , but of course ! and then Iseabail who is my cousin as well but we have always been really close and still are to this day.

First Kiss -

He was dark and handsome he walked on all four and woofed when I shouted his name he came in the packaging of a small dog named Scooby ! no I'm kidding it was at my first disco and I was thirteen and I was very nervous , it shouldn't really be classed as a kiss it was more of a peck and then I dashed off into the midnight leaving a glass slipper behind , more like ran away terrified and giggling like a excited school girl.


First concert -

My first concert was when I was six years old and it was a Britney concert , I was an obsessed fan at six years old. It was such a traumatic experience I went with my sister who was twenty-one at the time and we had spent ages making a banner and we left to go to the bathroom, (my small six year old bladder was not very strong )then we heard the start of toxic ; which was my favourite at the time and we ran back to find our poster had been vomited on by a very drunk man spitting everywhere and after I cried for what must have been an hour I feel asleep on my sisters shoulders. Poor Linda.

First celebrity crush-

My first celebrity crush was John Travolta in Greece , everyone thought I was the oddest child ever I was madly in love with him I even went to the extent of cutting Sandy's face out of a picture and replacing it with a picture of myself. oh dear lord ....

First word-

This is a question I will never know the answer to , I continue to ask my mam dad and my sister , dad replies with"dada" , my sister "sister" she says and my mam "mammy" and if they are feeling at bit pissed at me they both say together my first word was "NO" so there is my dilemma , take from it what you will.

First pet-

Two goldfish that never had a name. One ate all the food I was feeding them the other ate nothing and was starting to get eaten by the other one and one day the well two days after I bought them the fat one blew up and then the one that would not eat died shortly after rest his little soul #ripmynamelessfishy
First job-
working in my primary school , lets not talk about that or else I  will go off on a rant
lets just say awhile ago I wanted to study primary teaching and lets put it lightly I wont be studying primary teaching anymore

first makeup -

I cant even answer that question I think I've had makeup since the day I was born I cant remember my days with out it. I remember having to buy the pink Nivea lip cream at least every time I stepped into Tesco.


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 thanks everyone for the comments/views and follows I appreciate you so much
Kayley xoxo



Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

This made me laugh so much, especially the first kiss dog part haha! Love your blog, would you like to follow each other? x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Mia M said...

This is cute! haha My first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic :o but i loved Grease as a child!

New follower,

kayley Frances said...

Thanks Mia oh Leo what a babe ! Following you now !

kayley Frances said...

Thanks freya ! It was defiantly a slobbery kiss ! Defiantly will follow you !
Kayley x

Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

Awesome, I have followed you too :) x

Sarah D said...

I love these posts! :)

Sarah x

Sophie Griffiths said...

Love this post, defo going to do this soon!!
Follow eachother on GFC and bloglovin?
Sophie xxx

Meghan B said...

Great post I like your answers I had a bad first work experience too! :P
Meg xx
ps you have a new follower!

kayley Frances said...

thank you sarah xx

kayley Frances said...

you should do it ! its so fun to write , I will defiantly follow you , though I haven't got a clue what GFC is hahah
kayley xx

kayley Frances said...

thank you so much meg ! means a lot, eww I know work experience sucks sometimes oh and guess what you have a new follower too ! xx