Dublin Fashion Festival

Dublin fashion festival ended yesterday. The festival started Thursday with Laura whitmore as the face of the 2013 festival , it was set to be the greatest by far with samsung backing the festivities and I of course had to go have a look for myself....

Right in the heart of Dublin city showcasing are very own Irish talent. Impressive on street fashion shows were not all the eyes could feast on there were beauty buses , stylist prizes , top Irish designers , LUAS style spotters and top class awards including a course in the LA academy in town. The festival had over 250 restaurants , bars , hotels and retailers taking part.

I enjoyed the festival it was on for four days though I could only make the one and I think Ireland is starting to get there in terms of fashion ! It's a little bit exciting, just a little ( insert very happy, ready to burst so proud mammy face) ;)
Kayley x

 photo 83ce568b-bb69-4a91-bd37-801257fa23dc_zpsf16f9372.jpg
 photo 910f7e12-da37-4612-80a2-e5cead059255_zps79ea7334.jpg
 photo 3ef5b1f7-19e5-436e-9a71-0b2b1ab44b92_zps3e61b057.jpg
 photo 14f45991-bbe0-4a02-be53-36358017115c_zps73495d65.jpg
 photo 7c5e5977-4858-4217-ba44-3e91d57a609d_zpse4455f22.jpg
 photo 501f0de3-935e-425e-87ea-030142085ba9_zps928369f0.jpg
 photo 5687dfde-881b-4043-a462-7c870fcefa21_zps730c06cf.jpg
 photo 8dec55c3-acfd-4f4e-99b2-f7a8d5cb15fb_zpsfb572494.jpg
 photo 0a0acfff-6237-4357-a63e-739370039937_zps7bfcaf78.jpg
 photo a95346e5-619a-4c84-ab27-4843b791c2c7_zpse5327a75.jpg
 photo f6e27ad0-8db2-4400-b890-1e0db86e96a4_zps34228c78.jpg
 photo b4ecd6b5-d1d6-4758-978d-1c183db0a14d_zpseacebff2.jpg
 photo 9d383024-f962-4072-bf41-8fe9d405c7d6_zpsed56d544.jpg
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Valentina Desideri said...

Hey there!
Really interesting post, I didn't know there was a Dublin Fashion Festival!
I really enjoy checking your blog out! ;)

Come visit mine if you want, and let me know what you think!


x, Val.

Charmaine Sylvia said...

Love that top you're wearing and that movie! Would love to experience the Dublin fashion scene one day. Now following your blog:)

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kayley Frances said...

Thanks Val ! , will defiantly check it out xx kayley

kayley Frances said...

Thanks Charmaine ! Really is such a good movie and the Dublin fashion scene is catching up I think ! We're getting there ...
Kayley xx

Lisa n Carrieanne said...

great pics hunny, love the outfit.



Becky said...

I love your outfit!
becky x