All Hallow's

'Black is such a happy colour'
'Women who wear black lead colourful life's'
'Where there is no imagination there is no horror'

Happy Halloween everyone ,I hope everyone had a lovely night. Halloween is my favourite time of year a time to dress up and be creative and to be completely different than you usual self , it excites me no end. the planning for weeks and picking up bits and bobs in little shops then the final process of putting it all together ,  its the best holiday that's for sure.

 photo c2becc19-8807-4020-bec9-9e9e3b2acf0f_zps0ed0f03e.jpg
 photo ba9a7527-0638-4ec0-911c-180b644c3e2c_zpsa6fef30a.jpg
 photo 34a70812-db5c-4b1b-8b65-100cb8590257_zpsed7fc372.jpg


Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

You both look really good! x

Freya's Fashion Chapter

shine star said...

Great post!