'Tis The Season

Happy Christmas everyone ! I hope everyone had a good day and night. So this year I told my family not to bother getting me anything , but of course they surprised me with so many presents  they got me this jacket in topshop I'm so so over the moon with it  and a few other bits and pieces makeup , new brushes , and bits and pieces. So after stuffing my face to point of bursting I finally got around to  putting up this post.

So this outfit is sort of mean girls nineties inspired. The whole outfit is from Missguided , I love this furry jumper it's so soft and really warm and cozy for the  cold winter days and I am loving the PVC trend . My boots are from River Island and my fluffy bag is just a sewn up piece of left over fur. my cat eye glasses are my channel to the 50's from Asos.
Happy Christmas xxx

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 photo 48709c75-eb08-4890-804e-8b9e4eafb9a8_zpsc8c7f1de.jpg
 photo b7211d71-14d9-4a38-9980-14a749afe9b5_zps00108f08.jpg