Into It- 2014 A Guilt Free Year

As like every year people have started there 2014 ritual and that old adage I'm sure your all well aware of  "New year, New me".This we are  reminded of when we are in the gym and it's five times as packed than usual and that one dodgy treadmill is left  just for you, only you. Yes,  I admit to vowing to stay healthy this year and do a bit more exercise to get rid of those extra pounds  , but with busy schedules and deadlines to meet its  hard not to have a scoop or two of your favourite Ben &Jerrys sitting in the freezer.
But I've decided to re-evaluated  everything I've known as a new Years resolution and I'm forgetting about trying to lose weight, though eating healthy I need to keep up, exercise daily (well maybe every second day.... Or third)I have decided I'm going to live guilt free this year. I will have that one or two scoops of Ben & Jerrys and I won't be racked with guilt after I will
enjoy it. I won't feel guilty sitting in next new years eve , I will embrace being different from other teenagers out there,  I will have my virtual new years that I so wanted this year. I'm gonna stop feeling guilty when I say no , I need to get my point across and  in life the fastest way to success is knowing yourself and being fearless. And most importantly I'm gonna stop feeling like a pig when I eat the nutella with a spoon out of the jar who ever made that socially unacceptable is an idiot.
This year I'm all about embracing these moments some (including my 2013 self) might call weaknesses, yet I now call my goals,  cheeky cop out isn't it?  Bring on 2014 !                               

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