Currently sitting here listening to gangsta's paradise , I think my ghetto alter ego is lasting longer than is necessary and is getting slightly out of hand . Just yesterday I downloaded all the gangsta rap hits from the 90's. My need to go to California has grown greatly ,  so when I woke up this morning to my California love alarm and looked outside and almost collapsed , the sun is out in Dublin ! I knew the only way to spend this day was in my cut of shorts California style and in the words of Kanye west 'no sports bra lets keep it bouncing' I am creating my own feminist statement no more bra's. It feels so liberating walking around with no bra. Most women will search for comfort and I am one of those girls I love comfort but I still want to look good and wearing no bra gives me both of these. The comfort of no underwire jamming into  your ribcage and the freedom of movement is brilliant , but its also that feeling - which is different then looking- of those impossible cool models who sport boys bodies yet make it look so sexy , that feeling , that feeling is good. Yet today I wore a bra for what feels like the first time in about a month and I am itching to tear this piece of itchy ,clingy material restricting my movements. But what has all this bra talk to do with my gangsta intro you ask? Well, actually it has nothing to do with it I am just enjoying my new found gangster alter ego and will continue to do so.
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so ladies the question I do have to ask is what was you favourite 90's era song?

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                     Shorts - Urban Outfitters  €42
            Shirt - Zara €28
            Boots- Zara sale
            Bag- H&m €29.95
        bracelet - name tag bracelet present