London's Calling

For most of you who follow me on instagram you will know my favourite city is London and you will also know that for Christmas gone I got a ticket to London, which literally was the best present ever. So the day finally came 4 months later and I couldn't have been happier.

I love the vibe in London, their is just a general sense of freedom there which makes me feel at ease. Their is so much creativity and eccentricness everywhere from the lavish buildings to the beautifully charming people on the tube. London is fast, fast people, fast transport, fast life.

we went for 5 days and we fit so much in. we took the tube to Covent gardens and we got lost and ended up in Leicester square and it took us forty minutes to find our way back running literally for the whole time which is not okay when you are wearing heeled mules (I lost my shoe 5 time). The COS store beside Covent gardens is so amazing this is literally my favourite store. I love the straight silhouette; the clothes hold so much class and emanate effortless style. We also visited harry potter studios on the second day which was cool, we drank butter beer and took some pictures outside Harry's house. On Saturday we went to Oxford Street regent street etc it was shopping day probably my favourite day although I really enjoyed Leicester square. I wore faux leather trousers , Zara sliders and I invested in the pyjama trend and bought a white shirt with a nightwear collar which was from h&m, I never got to take photos on this day as i was so busy running around shopping! On Sunday, Easter Sunday everything was closed so we went to Greenwich and went to the museums it was pretty boring and the weather was terrible. The last day we went to Camden and spent a couple of hours scouring the stalls for hidden gems.

 I've been home form London for 6 days now and I've serious post London blues it’s a real thing. I’m already planning my next visit.